Monday, October 12, 2015

Why Joe Biden Shouldn't Run - Yet

October 12th, 2015

My Dear America:

I Know.  I Know.

You haven't heard from me for a long time.  Sorry about that, but I have had a bunch of things going and it has gotten a bit harder to find time to Blog, although I confess that I miss it.

Certainly, although a lot has gone on in the Presidential Campaigns in recent months, it is, of course, really still at the beginning of the Presidential Race.

Today we are one day away from the First Televised Debate featuring the announced Democratic Party Presidential Contenders.  

Those Contenders so far include Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee.

Presently at the head of the pack Hillary Clinton still seems to be the likely Democratic Party choice, although Bernie Sanders certainly at this stage of the game seems to be giving Hillary more than a run for her money.  In poll after poll recently his numbers have been increasing to the point where he is beating Hillary in polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as elsewhere.

Right now in Las Vegas as CNN, the sponsor and broadcaster of tomorrow's Democratic Debate, has set up 5 podiums and has announced the setting of tomorrows debate participants.  Although the five mentioned debaters have confirmed their agreement to participate in tomorrows debate , CNN has also confirmed that they have agreed that even if he decides to participate in the debate at the last minute, that Vice President Joe Biden would be included in the debate.  An extra podium is just offstage in the event that Joe B. decides to participate in tomorrows debate.

Speculation about Joe Biden running for President has been raging for months. He has talked to friends and his family members about it and, in fact, his son,Beau, on his dying bed advised Joe to run.  Other Democrats have urged him to run also.

In my opinion Joe should not participate in tomorrow's debate although his last minute participation would certainly make the debate more interesting.

I feel, however, that if Joe runs for President that there will be no advantage to him to announce now and debate now.  Certainly Biden is an excellent debater, as he has proved many times over the years and he would add much to tomorrow's debate.  If he does run for President, however, I think he has more to gain by taking his time getting into the race.

Although the chaos in the Republican Party thus far and the BS about Hillary Clinton's E Mails makes it feel as though the Presidential Campaign is almost over, the truth is that it has really just begun and has a long way to go.  Joe B. jumping into the race right now will only give Republicans a longer to time to go after him and try to tear him apart.

Although certainly Joe B.'s tendency to say what he thinks has gotten him in trouble in the past, in the Era of Donald Trump, Joe's honesty might be considered more of an asset than a liability by the voters.  Certainly, Barack Obama has shown his appreciation for Joe's political capabilities over the course of the Obama Administration.  Whether Obama would outright support Joe for the Democratic Nomination for President remains to be seen. 

Joe Biden was, after all the person who early on in the debate about Iraq suggested that Iraq be partitioned into Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish portions.  If we had followed Joe's advice perhaps we would all be better off now. Certainly Iraq would be better off.

During the insanity that led to the government Shutting down it was, in the end, Joe Biden and his friendly relationships with Republican leaders that led to reasonable people in the Congress coming to their senses and ending the stupidity of shutting down the United States Government.

Joe Biden is a decent man and a truly talented politician.  He would make a Great President, just as he has made a Great Vice President.

In my opinion Joe should run, but not this early.  Let the Republicans finish each other off in the coming months and Let things play out in Democratic Politics , as well.  

Certainly Joe Biden takes a chance if he waits to get in the race.  He is, however, in double digits in the polls even without being officially in the race. Joe is already a Contender in the race.  In my opinion, Joe should continue to do his job as well as he can and avoid being tarnished by the Republicans as a Politician first and a Vice President Second.

In my opinion Joe Biden should save his money, do his job and watch how things play out in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.  Joe will be welcome to join the election process whenever he chooses to do it and will be able to raise money and meet the competition with all the vigor he has.  I am sure that his dying son's request that he should run is with him every day and in time will cause him to make the right choice.  

I personally hope Joe Joins the race.  I am not sure at this point whether I will vote for him but I certainly think that his long and distinguished career in politics and especially his performance as Vice President will guarantee him a podium on a debate stage at some point in the future.

Whether or not he runs or doesn't run and whether or not I will vote for him, I, as a proud Democrat will always love that other proud Coal Cracker from my Home Town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher       

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