Friday, August 7, 2015

Farewell To Jon Stewart and His Secret Wisdom Of Bullshit

Friday, August 7th, 2015

My Dear America:

Last Night was the end of One Era and the beginning of another New and More Terrifying Era.  Jon Stewart appeared on his last Daily Show and all 17 Republican Candidates for President appeared at their First Debates on Fox News.

Jon Stewarts last show featured a gathering of nearly all of the Daily Show "Correspondents" who had worked with Stewart over the 16 year course of the Daily Show.  Many of those "Correspondents" went on to better things, Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on CBS,  John Oliver now has a weekly Fake News Show of his own on HBO, Michael Che is now a regular Fake News Anchor on Saturday Night Live.  Also Steve Carrell, Ed Helms, Rob Cordry, Rob Riggle and others have gone into acting in movies and on Television.  The skits that the returning "Correspondents" appeared in were entertaining and a fit tribute to Stewart's leadership over many years.

Probably the best and most entertaining, as well as surprising part of the show was at the end when the "moment of Zen" turned out to be Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band playing while Stewart and everyone in the studio came up and danced to the music being played by "The Boss."

Probably the most enduring part of the evening was when Jon Stewart did what he had done so many times before and addressed "Camera 3" and lectured brilliantly on how to spot "Bullshit."

Prior to the airing of Stewart's show my wife and I had watched several hours of "Bullshit" on Fox News as Fox initiated their two tiered debate system.

The first Debate earlier in the evening had no audience and Bill and Margaret (Whoever the hell they are) as the interviewers.  With no audience, only two no names as interviewers and one no name ex Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore, there was very little excitement but with Rick Perry and Lindsay Graham on the stage there was certainly a lot of Bullshit, primarily aimed at Barack Obama. Commentators that I saw following the first debate said they were impressed on what  Rachel Maddow and others had called "The Kids Table Debate" by the performance of Carly Fiorini.  Personally, whatever spark they saw in Fiorini, I must have totallly missed.  What the hell were Fiorini and Santorum doing on that stage in the first place.  Fiorini has had the high honor of being very publicly fired from HP and Santorum has had the high honor of having his political ass kicked by Bob Casey in Pennsylvania during his last race for the Senate.  Lindsay Graham has made a career of whining and bitching about Barack Obama, usually as a desperate sidekick of John McCain.  Overall, "The Kid's Table Debate" was an embarasing display of Bullshit.

During the Second Fox News Debate with those who Fox News had determined were the real debaters there was a large and loud audience and three more well known Fox News Anchors, Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Bair and the ten "Annointed Ones." 

 For the most part the questions asked by the interviewers were appropriate and some were even questions that had been suggested on Facebook.

Actually all of the First String debaters did pretty well shooting the Bullshit.  One very interesting question was asked at the beginning of the debate and all of the debaters except Donald Trump pledged not to run an independent Candidacy if they weren't chosen as the Republican Party Nominee.  Trump honestly refused to make that pledge.

For the most part Trump was under control and the debate proceeded with everyone getting some air time to show their stuff.  Chris Christie and Rand Paul got into it about National Security and Rand Paul also gave Trump a shot for not taking the pledge not to run independently.  Mike Huckabee was sanctimonious. Ben Carson seemed like a heartless snake bragging about his surgical skills like a Megalamaniac.  Speaking of Megalamania, Trump showed his from time to time, but did not call any one of his debate mates a "loser" to their face all night.

Although nobody could be called a Winner in the second Fox Debate of the night, certainly Marco Rubio showed himself to be a contender worthy of his place on the stage.  Also John Kasich, Present Ohio Governor, the last Republican Candidate to enter the field and a former Fox News personality who barely squeaked into the 10th spot on the stage as a result of some questionable polling, proved also to be someone who seemed reasonable and intelligent with a background in the Congress and the Ohio Governor's Office, as well as Fox News.

While some intelligent conversations did arise during the 2nd debate the conversations regarding the nuclear deal with Iran and President Obama were disgustingly insulting and frightening to anyone who can recognize the truth about both of those subjects.  Clearly the A Team and the B Team are people who seem to believe their own lies that they have created with their Non Stop Bullshit.

Why did you have to leave us now, Jon Stewart, when we need you the most.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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