Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Democratic Socialist Revolution Has Begun - Maybe

October 14th, 2015

My Dear America:

Last night was the First Televised Debate featuring the Five declared Candidates hoping to be selected as the Nominee of the Democratic Party for President in 2016.  Although it was far from a Love Fest, It was a far cry from the two previously broadcast Human Demolition Derbys featuring Trumpzilla and the Seventeen Republican Dwarf Candidates.  The brutal Republican slugfests were in stark contrast to last night's rather sedate and respectful presentation of Democratic Candidates.  most of what could be said  about last night's debate has been said, all day yesterday and most of last night following the debate on CNN.  

What last night's debate showed was the fact that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are great debaters and great candidates for the presidential nod by the Democrats.  Both explained themselves and their positions very well. When the issue of Hillary's E Mails came up Bernie took the unusual political step of stating that the American people have heard "Enough about the Damn E Mails" and in so doing turned the attention back to the important issues that needed to be dealt with in America and around the world.  Hillary and Bernie made me proud to be a Democrat last night.

Although Anderson Cooper and the CNN team did a good job of coordinating the debate and asking relevant questions, clearly Hillary and Bernie, whether they tried to or not, hogged the spotlight.  

Although that was the case, the three other Democrats in the debate did get their chances to introduce themselves to America.  Although Martin O'Malley had appeared on television from time to time in recent months both Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb had been given very little attention by the American media. Although Martin O'Malley did manage to get a word in edgewise now and then in last night's debate, both Chaffee and Webb seemed to have little time to have their say. Webb complained about it but was chastised by Anderson Cooper.  I have to admit that Webb did have a right to complain and so did Chaffee.  

The truth is that Webb and Chaffee did get some time to explain who they were and why they were in the race and what they stood for but I would be surprised if either Webb or Chaffee improved their poll numbers by much. O'Malley, who had been mentioned in previous Presidential Elections as a possible Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate seemed to show in last nights debate that he could still be a very accomplished Vice President.  It is doubtful, however, that O'Malley can really break out as a serious candidate to challenge Sanders or Clinton for the official Democratic Presidential Nod.

Many of the talking heads last night stated that Joe Biden might have been the "Big Loser" in last nights debate.  That may be true but if Joe B. wants to run I think there will be plenty of room on the stage in future debates once Chaffee, Webb and O'Malley realize that Their dreams of Presidential Glory are unlikely to come true, at least this time around.

Hillary and Bernie, however, seem to be here to stay on the debate stage in the near future.  They belong there and Bernie's ongoing reference to a "Revolution" in the making seems to have made his candidacy one that needs to be taken seriously  and one which has already shaken up the Process in the Democratic Party.  Bernie's Populist Message regarding the virtual disappearance of the Middle Class in America and the need to restore it certainly resonates with Democrats and most likely will resonate with many Americans in Both Parties.

Bernie Sanders is a leader and has proved his worth so far in early polling. When he states that The Revolution has begun, he knows what he is talking about because he is leading this Exciting New American Revolution. 

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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