Thursday, August 6, 2015

TRUMPZILLA: The Monster Who Ate The Republican Party

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

My Dear America:

Well, Finally the day has come when we will find out tonight during the First Republican Debates of the 2016 Election whether or not Donald Trump will be able to maintain his Phenomenally Surging Popularity in The Republican Party's Race for the White House. 

The truth is that in the field of 17 Republican Candidates for President on the Republican side, it can truthfully be said that prior to Trump's Bombastic and Controversial entry into the Republican Presidential Candidate Field in early June, no real Republican Superstars had been emerging.  Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio's Campaign poll numbers were higher than most of their competitors but for the most part polls were not showing anyone in the Republican Race for President breaking out of the pack.

Then came Donald Trump's Announcement on June 3rd.  Anyone who was expecting a new and improved, contrite and humble Donald Trump to arrive on the scene were quickly disappointed.  Donald's announcement of his entry into the Republican Candidate Field was loaded with outrageous comments and behavior that many political commentators felt would lead in short order to Donald Trump's Candidacy for the Presidency to go down in flames.

Donald's commentary on Immigration was incendiary.  Trump stated that Mexico was  not sending us their best people and he identified many of those people Mexico was sending as "Rapists," a comment which immediately set off fireworks of all sorts.  

Trump's immigration commentary set off political bombs everywhere, as did his continuing bragging about himself.  Trump also set off political aftershocks by his identifying almost everyone in the Republican Party or on Fox News or any other Political Journalists who opposed anything he said, as "Losers."

One of his continuing barrage of self aggrandizing comments was about previous Republican Party Presidential Candidate, John McCain.  When asked in an interview about John McCain's status as a "War Hero" due to his many years of torture and incarceration by the North Vietnamese, Trump stated that he preferred War Heros who weren't captured.

Clearly Donald Trump continual bragging about how rich he is and his seemingly endless obnoxious commentary about President Obama, Hillary Clinton and nearly every other 2016 Candidate for President would have finished off most serious Candidates for President but The Teflon Donald seems to be, this afternoon, before the debate tonight what he has been since his announcement in June, which is The Front Runner.  

Will Donald Trump emerge from tonight's debate unscathed and still the Front Runner.  We will see what happens tonight.  

As Rachel Maddow is prone to saying, "Watch This Space."

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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