Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Last "Face The Nation" with Bob Scheiffer

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

My Dear America:

It seems to me as though we have been saying farewell to quite a few American Classics lately. 

This includes classic Television Series such as "Parenthood," "Justified" and "Mad Men". 

It also includes Classic Americans who have been Institutions themselves.  That would include David Letterman, who recently completed a 32 year stint in Late Night Television.  Letterman retired with honor and was able to gather together an Incredibly Impressive Guest List for his last Top Ten List on his Final Show.  Another Classic Entertainer, BB King also left us recently never to return except on the Radios or CD players of America.  (Please see the previous Letters To A Lost Nation Posting "BB King: The Thrill is really gone" on this website.)

One more Classic American Newsman retired from the Long Time CBS News Program Face The Nation this morning.  He will be personally missed by me and I am sure by countless numbers of Americans who woke up early on Sunday just to see Bob Schieffer in action.  Bob always had interesting and relevant guests and a panel of respected Newspeople with differing viewpoints on most subjects discussed on the program.

In fact Bob Schieffer was one of the last of his breed left at CBS.  His relevance in fact dated back to the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War, where Schieffer, along with recently deceased, Bob Simon, as well as Morley Safer were Veteran on the ground Vietnam War Correspondents.  Bob did a lot for CBS including moderating Presidential Campaign Debates.  He was a veteran newsman who admitted that he was inspired to be a newsman by the example of Walter Cronkite, who Bob worked with for many years.  Word is that he turned down Cronkite's job when Walter left.  Regardless, Schieffer seemed to be more than satisfied to host Face the Nation for 23 years. 

Bob Schieffer was certainly a man who functioned well in the news business and kept Face the Nation relevant throughout his reign as the host. 

We News Junkies who shared Sundays with Bob for many years hope that he lives a long and happy life as he enters his retirement years.  He has served us well and we appreciate all he has done for CBS, in particular and for the News Business in general, in his long and illustrious career.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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