Friday, March 1, 2013

Sequestration: Fear and Loathing In The Halls of Congress - Just One More Month Until The Government Shuts Down Completely

March 1st, 2013

My Dear America:

Well its official now, or it will be in about an hour.

The Lunatics have finally taken over the Asylum, that Asylum being the United States Congress and we are about to enter the New World of Sequestration.

Sequestration is the result of Congressional "Negotiations" with the President when we had our debt ceiling debate and semi-crisis last year and with a gun to President Obama's head politically, the Congress set us on the road to Sequester.  

We have been told by numerous Republican Senators and Members of Congress that President Obama is blowing things out of proportion and that things won't be so bad when across the board cuts hit at 11:59 this morning.

Of course things won't be so bad for Senators and Congresspeople.  They have very wisely put into the Sequestration plan that they passed last year provisions that allow many other people, including their staff members, to be losing their jobs.  Amazingly enough, though, Senators and Congresspeople will still be receiving their salaries.  No wonder they don't feel that Sequestration will be so bad.  It will only be bad for those other people who do lose their jobs and salaries, not for Congress.  

Something else that the Republicans have kept under wraps is that with regard to government spending the Federal Government has actually been decreasing government spending levels over the past 4 years that President Obama has been in office.  You don't hear any Republicans advertising that fact.

Prior to Obama's Election, however, George W. Bush took us from a healthy Government Monetary Surplus left by President Clinton to near financial collapse and out of control debt by the beginning of the Obama Presidential Term.  Oddly enough Republican Deficit Hawks during the George W. Bush years were in short supply in the halls of Congress.  Paul Ryan voted Pro Bush all the way.  Only when Barack Obama took over did Representative Ryan see a darkness on the debt horizon.

Certainly we have a debt problem in this country, along with a jobs problem and many other incredible problems.  Sequestration is not going to help heal any of the problems we have.  It is going to aggravate our problems and when, as the Republicans have promised, the United States Government shuts down in a month we will then be looking at possibly bigger problems than it will be even possible to fix.

We all have to hope that the Lunatics come to their senses before it is too late to salvage anything from the rubble of a Republican controlled House of Representatives.

It's time to say a prayer people.

God Bless us all and God Save The United States of America and hopefully send some knowledge and common sense to the voters of America so that we can "Clean House" in a big and responsible way in the coming years.


Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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