Monday, February 18, 2013

Why is The United States Congress on a Week Long Vacation

Monday, February 18th, 2013 
(Presidents Day)

My Dear America:

Here we are again, My Dear Country.   

We are once again poised at the top of another Republican created Fiscal Cliff wondering if this may, indeed, be the big one, the big Kahuna that puts us all in the poorhouse and finally completely knocks the underpinnings out from under the increasingly weakened structure of Democracy in the United States of America.


It is an ugly sounding name and each day and time that we hear it as it comes closer and closer it becomes uglier and more frightening.  What is it?  When is it coming?  What can we do about it.  

It is becoming increasingly obvious that we are being governed by a Congress full of irresponsible Stupid Lunatics.  No, they are not all Stupid and Lunatics. But the Stupid Lunatics, while they have not completely taken over the Asylum, yet, seem to be increasingly willing to do whatever it takes to destroy, or at least damage the United States Government.  

Why are these wild men and women able to wreak havoc on our country, America?

The simple answer is that we let them do whatever they want, without consequences.  These maniacs in the House and Senate have been running amok for years and tearing this country apart and "We The People" have let them trample our rights and freedoms with little reaction from the more responsible members of our society.  

We have had elections in recent years.  Some of them have been stolen out from under us by tactics that would have seemed harsh and unlawful even in the USSR in it's heyday.  Certainly the Bush Family and Friends stole the election for George W. in 2000.  Karl Rove and Republican Secretaries of State in key Republican controlled states helped George W. keep his incredibly expensive warmongering lunatic policies in office once again in 2004.  Since then somehow or other, primarily due to the force of his personality, Barack Obama has been elected twice, once in 2008 and also in 2012.  

It seems to have made no difference at all, however, to the Republicans in Congress that we have had these past two Presidential Elections.  It seems as though the Radical Right Wing Republicans in Congress have had no message from the 2008 and 2012 Elections other than that they should in 2013 step up their irresponsible game.  

It is increasingly clear as we prepare to go over a Fiscal Cliff, possibly far worse than the one at the beginning of the year, that many Republicans, especially Tea Party Republicans don't give a damn about what is good or right for you, America, and are increasingly looking to dismantle, if not destroy, your Federal Government.

The truth is that we are very lucky that the Republicans, even with their fortunes spent to kill the Obama Presidency, were not able to do so.  Thank God, and the Constitution for that.  Obama's victory should have been a lesson for the Republican Lunatic Fringe that it was time to stop the Madness.  Clearly the Lunatics have not gotten that message and some of the things that are going on in the Republican party are mind shattering.

For instance, the ruthless Character Assassination of Secretary of Defense Nominee, Chuck Hagel, in his Senate Confirmation Hearings were clearly unnecessary and although he will be confirmed, he will be confirmed as a weakened leader of the Defense Department at a time when we need strong leadership in that role.  In the case of Chuck Hagel the Guilty Culprits were not Lunatics but instead were Senators who formerly (and in John Mccain's case still) counted Chuck Hagel as a friend.  The other main Senate culprit, Lindsey Graham, who along with John McCain demanded answers on 4 dead US Diplomats and their protectors in Benghazi, have prior to their present week long vacation from their Senate duties, held up the release of Hagel's name to the entire Senate for a Confirmation vote for no good reason.

In the meantime, these two Senators who claim to be concerned about National Security, allow the Defense Department, to be without a permanent leader for a week while one of the most dangerous worlds we have ever known  continues to spin out of any reasonable control in many spots all over the globe.  Both Graham and McCain have already indicated that when the Senate returns after their week long vacation they will vote to allow Chuck Hagel's full Senate vote to proceed provided that they don't find any more verbal ammunition to fire at their former Senate colleague and "friend."

Meanwhile the madness continues seemingly unabated not only in America but around the world, in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Lybia, Egypt, Pakistan, Mali and elsewhere.  It certainly would be more responsible to have had Senators McCain and Graham helping to get through former Republican Senator Hagel, instead of doing what they did before in killing what was a responsible choice for Secretary of State, Susan Rice, because of their obsessive and vindictive concentration on Benghazi.  While Certainly what happened at Benghazi was a matter of legitimate concern, so are all of the other matters of legitimate concern all over the world.

It is way past time for all of us who live in America to get involved in what is happening in our country and to let our elected leaders know what we want, no demand that they do.  Governmental Leadership in America should not be left to the Tea Party and other members of the Right Wing Lunatic Fringe.  

We need to get on our computers and E Mail our Representatives.  We need to call them.  We need to sign petitions.  We need to get involved in our local Democratic and/or Republican Parties and stay involved on local government and even run for office if the chance presents itself.  We need to get involved now or the Lunatic Fringe will continue to put the screws to Progressives
everywhere.  Lastly, I would recommend that those of us who can, commit some time and effort to get involved with Common Cause, the Peoples Lobby, sign their petitions as well as petitions from other sites and groups, get involved also with organizations like or other Progressive Organizations which are taking stands in which you believe.

If we don't do this, citizens, we may live to regret it, or our children and grandchildren may live to regret our failure to take actions.  The time is always now for taking action and it is always good to realize that real Freedom is not always Free.  We have gotten used to it being that way but we can lose our Freedoms very quickly, or even more likely, We can lose our Freedoms gradually, seemingly without our noticing until, it is too late.

Have a wonderful time Congress on your week's vacation before Sequestering puts America over the Cliff and on the skids once more.  

I have one question for you, however.

What are you on Vacation From?  Certainly it is not from work.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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