Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Lessons From The Long and Winding 2012 Presidential Campaign Road: (Lesson 2 - Rich White Guys are No Longer Calling the Shots in Presidential Politics)

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

My Dear America:

The dust from the Long and Winding Presidential Campaign Trail seems to have begun to settle and some very interesting things seem to be happening.  

Certainly the most bizarre development since the Election last week seems to be the twisted tale of the love life of former General, and up to last week head of the CIA, David Petreaus and current General Allen, who is currently still the man in charge of the troops in Afghanistan.  Rather than get into this military soap opera lets just say that the Generals were bad boys involved with apparently loose and looney women.  If the individuals involved were unmarried their unusual pairings would hardly be news but these individuals were all married to other people who were apparently uninvolved in this scandal, other than being humiliated by the horny goings on of their spouses.

Petreaus resigned his CIA post last week and unlike others whose lustful activities were exposed and they lied about it, Petreaus at least admitted his affair with his attractive married biographer, Paula Broadwell.  General Allen's fate regarding his supposedly "Flirtateous" Emails between himself and married Florida Socialite, Jill Kelly, seems to be still in play.

While this increasingly bizarre sex scandal seems to have sucked all the air out of the Political Media there are other less bizarre and possibly more hopeful signs of life in both the Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as in the American Media.

One truly amazing result of this recent Re Election of President Obama is clearly the fact that White Males in America voted overwhelmingly for Mitt Romney in last weeks election.  Latinos, Blacks and Females were the coalition who kept Barack Obama in the White House. 

Post Election Media coverage seems to be showing that both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are recognizing that it is clearly a new day in American Politics when White Guys (Especially Rich White Guys) have become almost irrelevant in the American Political System.  

Although I was not among the members of my Male American Species who voted overwhelmingly for Romney, I am still stunned by how worthless my brand has become in American Politics. I am glad that I voted for the President but I feel sorry for those other white males who saw Mitt Romney as the future of America.  I personally don't understand why in the world the Majority of White Male Voters would vote for a Lying Phony like Romney but they did.  That is painfully clear to me.

Certainly Romney, with his White Male Support, did take a great many Red States in the Presidential Race but the Obama Campaign Strategists put together a great Pre-Election and Election Day Organization which almost guaranteed that Obama voters would be reminded to get to the polls by phone or by neighborhood contacts on Election Day.

Clearly the Obama Victory can be traced to the number of Hispanics, Blacks and Women who showed up at the Polls.

One other Post Election result is the fact that currently the Republican Party, which has been insulting and obnoxious toward Hispanics, Blacks and Women, are suddenly looking at their policies with an eye toward Re-Evaluation, Reconciliation and Revamping of their party policies.  

Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, has stated that the Republcan Party can no longer be a "Stupid Party."  While I agree with Governot Jindal, I think he might look at some of the "Stupid" things he has done such as advocating for Creationism to be taught in Louisiana schools.  Governor Jindal is on the right track, however, in recognizing that the days of the Tea Party control of the Republican Party better be over soon if the GOP hopes to survive.

Jindal is not the only Republican looking to re-evaluate the party.  John Boehner states that he is ready to deal with the President to avoid the pitfalls of the Fiscal Cliff.  Boehner seems to be one of those Republicans who has at least claimed to have seen the light of inspiration following the November Election.  Time will tell how bright that light truly is.  

One of the great bonuses from the recent election results, to my mind, at least, is the disintigration of the career of Karl Rove as a Guide and Predictor of Republican success.  After being entrusted with countless millions of dollars by his Rich American Donors (and God knows Who Else) his American Crossroads PAC certainly put out the negative ads, which Karl had promised his donors would result in Obama's defeat.  It was wonderful to watch the man that George Bush called "Turd Blossum" on Fox News continuing to see Victory for Romney in sight on Election Night while everybody else even on fox News was recognizing the reality of Romney's defeat.  Currently I believe that Rove has probably applied for the Witness Protection Program to keep him from being hunted down by his angry Millionaire Donors, who want their millions back.

Rush Limbaugh continues to sing his Anti-Obama Song day after day but the truth is that Rush is looking for controversy every day.  He is unconcerned with  the health and welfare of either the Democratic or the Republican Party.  He is concerned only with the healthand welfare of the Rush Limbaugh Party.  His Right Wing Rants have kept him on the air for this long.  I would like to predict that his days are numbered but I predicted that after the 2008 Election and unfortunately I was wrong.

Apparently Sean Hannity, second in command of Right Wing Radio and also a  Fox News TV Host, claims to have also seen the light that John Boehner also claims to have seen and Hannity is talking about the prospect of Immigration Reform, something that would not have happened prior to the Obama Election.

Certainly the Political Landscape has changed and it is a new day for you, America.  Minorities (mainly Blacks and Hispanics, as well as Women) will continue to outnumber White Guys and if Republicans want to win elections their shrill Anti- Obama, Anti-Black, Anti-Hispanic and Anti- Woman messages need to disappear as quickly as the influence of White Guys has disappeared in the past few years.

As America stands on the edge of the Fiscal Cliff, on which a failure to act could lead us back to another Recession or, God Forbid, a Depression, The Republican Party also stands atop a Political Cliff, on which a failure to recognize reality might very well lead to the extinction of the Republican Party.  If I was a Republican I would be shouting very loudly to my Party Leaders not to take us off that Political Cliff but to come back to reality and realize that our country is not the one that Republicans want it to be.  

Our Country is the one that it is and if the Republicans continue to commit Political Suicide we will all be going down with them.  

So I appeal to all of my Republican Brothers and Sisters to please recognize reality and keep us all from going the way of the Dodo, or the way of Allen West.

In the words of the old Wilbert Harrison Blues Rock song

"Well When Things Go Wrong, As they Sometimes Will
And the Road You Travel is all Uphill

Let's Work Together, Come On Come On
Lets Work Together, Come On People

Hey Now, Together we will stand
Every Boy, Girl, Woman and Man"

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

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