Sunday, November 25, 2012

Message to Mitt: Shut The Hell Up

Sunday November 25th, 2012

My Dear America:

I apologize for not communicating with you sooner about this matter but I have had an important communication come into my possession that I feel it is imperative to share with you.  I cannot share with you my source for this incredible document, although I will share the contents of the document with you.  

It is undated but I believe that we can assume that the document in question was probably written sometime during the week following the November 6th Re-Election of President Barack Obama.

The following letter addressed to Mitt Romney will be printed in it's entirety.

Dear Mitt:

It has come to our attention that during a recent telephone call with your Campaign Donors your conversation was recorded and subsequently that recording was later on obtained by members of the News Media and has become the topic of conversation on every Television and Radio News and Talk Show as well as the subject of commentary by nearly every Newspaper in the United States of America.

Mitt, What the hell were you thinking?  Your message to your donors was that Barack Obama won the election because he gave away too many gifts to his constituency, or rather promised to give too much to his constituency.

Mitt, have you forgotten the incredible amounts of tax and money savings and gifts you had promised to your constituency.  You promised even further tax relief to the corporations and executives of those corporations.  You promised to do away with the savings from Obamacare (Derived from Romneycare) and put the profits back into the Medical Healthcare Business.  

Clearly the gifts that you had promised to your donors and the other members of your Republican base would have dwarfed any promises of gifts made by President Obama to members of his base.  

Your reasoning expressed to your donors, therefore, regarding why you lost the Presidential Election clearly does not stand up to scrutiny.

The reasons that you lost the election are many and We are not prepared to list all of them in this letter but we will list a few of the most important reasons.

First of all, You lost the election because you didn't get enough votes.  

Certainly we recognize that in the red states you did very well and did gather a good many electoral votes in most of those states.  You did not do well, however, in those blue states where the most electoral votes were available.  

I have to admit that many of us in the Republican Party must bear some serious degree of responsibility for your loss since our message throughout this past election cycle has been one of fiscal responsibility to the max.  

As you are aware that was not the message that we conveyed during the George W. Bush Administration.  Back then our message was "Spend, Baby Spend" on wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as a prescription drug benefit which, quite frankly, was pretty much only a benefit for the drug companies.

You were also, of course, bogged down by the assortment of Clown Candidates that you had to spend good money on defeating during the Pre Convention Debates.

Speaking of Debates that is another good reason why you lost the election.  During the First Debate with President Obama you swept Barack off his game by showing confidence and aggressiveness while he showed nothing but truth.  

You lied skillfully enough to look as though you won the debate and you even had the MSNBC Gang of Liberal Debate Commentators angry with Obama for not calling you out on every lie you told.  Quite frankly there wasn't enough time in the hour and a half debate for Obama to call you out on every lie you told and in the end you appeared to be the winner in that debate.

Unfortunately for you and for us there were two other debates to come in which Obama woke up to the importance of debating you and cleaned your clock in both the second and third debate.

I think it is unnecessary for us to continue to press on with other reasons that you lost the election.  The fact remains that you did lose the election and at this point nothing is going to change that.  

What is most disturbing about your commentary about Obama giving gifts to Democrats is that it reminds both Democrats and Republicans, donors and voters alike, of your disturbingly disdainful comments to the Florida video in which you commented on the 47 Percent.

Mitt, face facts.  You showed by your 47 Percent commentary that you had nothing but contempt for the 47 Percent and we and you need to recognize that this comment was not only one more slap in the face of the middle class by you, bit it was also the comment that pushed a lot of good people who might have backed you into the Obama constituency.

Long Story Short, Mitt, Those of us in the Republican Party recognize that you are trying to keep your donor base alive for another (Third) run at the Presidency.  We are communicating with you at the present time in order to be brutally honest with you.  

We, the members of the Republican Party will do everything in our power to destroy your chances of running for President for a third time.  Certainly you can spend your own money and try again but we are begging you not to waste your resources and ours in the Republican Party Presidential Nomination process.

We do not want you running for President in our Party ever again.  

Thanks to you, or we should honestly say partly due to you, our party is a shambles.  We have, along with your help and a great deal of help from the Tea Party, managed to push our party into a corner in which it will be next to impossible for us to win elections.  

You are probably listening at present to some of the Republican Voices of the future (as well as future Prime Republican Candidates for President) telling you, in a nice way, for the most part, to shut up and let the party revive itself in the aftermath of your divisive and untruthful campaingn.

Your comments were "Unhelpful" according to Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal. That's putting it mildly, Mitt.  Other possible 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate Front Runners like Senator Kelly Ayotte and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie were also as gentle as Jindal in their criticism of your message to your donors but just as clear in their message to you.

Their message to you, Mitt, just in case you can't process it, is the following:  

                                          Shut the Hell Up.

Just in case you are not clear in what their message and the message of other  high profile Republicans was Let us be clear.

As of the counting of the ballots following the November 6th Election, you became Persona Non Grata in our Party.  You are now seriously more of a Pariah than George W.  We in the party want nothing further to do with you and please understand that your donors and our donors who tried to back you have lost a fortune backing a candidate that we did not want in the first place.  

If you get out of our Party's politics gracefully now we will try to show you some respect and will keep our anger and our shame over your destructive Candidacy out of the public eye.

We would suggest that you take your family to Disneyland or some other theme park and rest and recuperate before you decide what you want to do next.

We in the Republican Party wish you well in whatever endeavors you decide to pursue, as long as those endeavors do not involve Republican Party Politics.

God Bless you and your family, Mitt and as always, God Bless the United States.

Sincerely Yours

The Republican Party

So ends the Incredible documentation of where Mitt Romney stand with regard to the Republican Party at the present time.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher 

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