Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mitt Romney: The Big Republican Liar and the Big Republican Lie

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

My Dear America:

Well, Hell Week seems to be over, at least for my wife and I.  The lights are back on after a day and a half of darkness on Monday and Tuesday and after Hurricane Sandy blew through the Northeast with a power and a devastation level, especially in New Jersey and New York, that we have never seen before in our lifetime.

On Tuesday when we woke up with the electricity still off I walked out into the daylight and made my way through non working traffic lights to Giant Markets.  I knew from last years snow and ice storm that Giant would be open because they have a generator and that they would have coffee.  I got my coffees, the last donuts on earth, apparently and some triple A batteries.  

When I got back home, while drinking my now lukewarm coffee and eating my delicious chocolate donuts, I put my newly purchased batteries into our tiny long unused transistor radio and started searching for a local station that could tell us something about the storm in our area and most importantly when we might get our electric power back.

After finding nothing but what seemed to be high powered Christian Stations all over the dial (When did all these Christian Stations take over the Radio Airwaves) I finally found what sounded like our local Television Station (WFMZ) broadcasting the noon news.  While they had storm news it was not very helpful or very informative about the power outage except for stating that there were several millions of us without power.  

I kept listening to the station after the WFMZ news went off and on came an identifier stating that I was listening to WAEB Newsradio.

OKAY, maybe now I would find out more about the storm damage and when I might look forward to eating hot food and watching television again.  I kept listening.

Next, on the radio, I heard the voice of a local Right Wing Half Wit Rush Limbaugh Wannabee named Bobby Gunther Walsh.  I knew this guy to be a real phony but I still listened.  After all, It was him or All Christian, all the time.

Gunther Walsh did a very short piece talking about how Obama was once again taking credit for something good, namely the fact that he was Johnny on the spot for the people of New Jersey trying to have the government respond to them and for them.  That really bugged Gunther.  He then started railing against Obama for such things as taking credit for killing Bin Laden and saving the Auto Industry.  Gunther cited a bunch of what he saw as Obama failures that he felt Obama did not take credit for.  Thank God, Gunther's rant was short enough that I didn't throw my tiny radio through my living room window and make matters  worse and my house even colder than it was.  

After Gunther's obnoxious presentation I figured I would keep listening.  After all, they did call it Newsradio.  There had to be some more serious news coming sometime.

What came on next was Rush Limbaugh.  Good God, wasn't Gunther Walsh bad enough.  Now the biggest, fattest Liar of them all came on with guns blazing. 

OBAMA is the Worst President ever.  He's not a champ like Mitt Romney.

WTF.  Didn't these Obnoxious Bastards ever take a break from their Lying, Disrespectful, Outrageous, Distorting, Disturbing Rants against the President of the United States.  

In a world where people were losing their Electricity, their Homes and in some cases, their Lives, all these Rat Bastards could think about was how to screw the President once again.

Of course it was not the first time that I recognized that Mitt Romney and his Republican Cohorts were Notorious Liars.  That fact has been clear to me for a long time.  

It continues to amaze me that in a world where the 99 Percent far outnumber the one Percent, that there are enough ignorant, stupid, insane or otherwise deficient people out there ready to vote for Romney and give him a fighting chance at being President.  How in the world can so many people vote against their personal interests and be swept into the Romney camp.  It boggles the mind.  At least it boggles mine.

Although there was not much to love about this week, except for my grandchildren enjoying having an unexpected break from school, there was also one news story that, once we got power back, we were able to see for ourselves.

That story was the apparent Bromance between Republican New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie and President Obama.  Christie apparently appreciated Obama's quick and sincere response to the New Jersey devastation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and had no qualms about saying so.  As Obama and Christie toured the devastated Jersey Shore area together they clearly got along well and had numerous hugs between them and with many Jersey residents.  They also said nice things about each other, which, of course, pissed off Romney and his Right Wing Republican supporters.

Now, truth be told, I don't like Christie.  I think he is a self aggrandizing Politician.  But I do respect the way he has begun to handle the New Jersey disaster and I really respect the fact that he seems to have truly 
shown himself to be his own person before Sandy and certainly after Sandy, as well.  Does he love Obama.  Probably not.  But is he fool enough to backstab the President when the President is stepping up to the plate to help his state.
No, he is not.  Only a fool would do that.  Rush Limbaugh, who has no more responsibility for people than to sit in a broadcast booth every day and bullshit nonstop for hours, is seeming to all of a sudden find fault with Chris Christie for Christie's doing what is in his best interest and more importantly, what is in the best interest of his state.

Rumor has it that when Romney called Christie asking to accompany Christie on his tour of the Jersey devastation for a Phony Photo Op, Christie told Mitt "No".

It seems to me as though this whole Christie-Obama situation is reminiscent of Attorney Joe Welch's response to Joe MCarthy in an era long ago.  MCarthy  had ruined countless lives by accusing many Americans of being Communists with no real evidence or truth.  MCarthy had intimidated everyone, including his Senate colleagues, until this unknown lawyer stood up to him in a Senate Hearing room in front of the New Media Television Cameras and called MCarthy out.

"At Long last, Sir," Welch said to MCarthy, "Have you no shame."

In a way that is what Chris Christie has said to Romney.

"At long last, Mitt," Christie has said, "Have you no shame about being a liar and a Phony."

"No," is the resounding answer from Mitt and his Tea Party and Corporate Buddies.  "We're not ashamed at all."

After all, Mitt won the first debate by lying about every subject except Big Bird and PBS.  Obama told the truth in that debate and in the other two debates, which Barry O clearly won.  Mitt lied in all three debates but I thought his slickest move was in the third debate in which he agreed with Obama on nearly every aspect of Foreign Policy because anyone listening to him knows that Romney knows nothing about Foreign Policy.

Mitt has lied about Bain Capital, which destroyed far more jobs than it created.  

He lied about Massachusetts, where his lack of bipartisanship was legendary and his Romneycare plan was exactly the same plan that has become Obamacare.

He lied about the Olympics, which he was able to save only due to Government money coming to the rescue.

He lies constantly about how he cares about the middle class, which is true malarky because the people he truly cares about are millionaires and billionaires.

The biggest question with Mitt Romney is what hasn't he lied about.

And speaking of lies, as we are positioned a couple of days away from one of the most important choices of our lives I find myself thinking about a good friend of mine who has insisted for some time that we are sliding further and further toward a situation that is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.  Although I agreed with him early on that there were disturbing signs here and there, I still found it hard to believe that this was really happening.  As time goes by, however, the disturbing signs are becoming clearer and even more disturbing.

The Republican Tea Baggers are continuing to prevent government, (particularly Congress) from working unless they are in charge and calling the shots.  Although Bill Clinton seems to be a Great Statesman these days think back to what the Radical Republicans put Bill through during the nineties.  They hounded him from the beginning to the end of his Presidency.

What is most astonishing to me is that Congressmen like Charlie Dent on my area and Paul Ryan who voted for two unfunded wars and a prescription drug bill that was dictated by the Health Care Industry, have the balls to now present themselves as deficit hawks as they try to get rid of great programs that help people and not corporations.

Money in Politics is way out of control and is putting rich corporate donors in charge of what they feel are annoying regulations that protect consumers and limit big business from doing anything that they want.

The signs are everywhere.  People are so disheartened that they don't care to vote or contact their congressional Representative to complain.  The average middle class person has been screwed so much that it is simply an expected thing.  

We need to wake up to reality, people.  This is our country and we need to take it back from the Greedy Bastards that have stolen it from us.

Oh, and Congratulations to the early voters who have stood in line in Florida and elsewhere to exercise their sacred right to have a say in their government.  Most of the voter Intimidation and Suppression Laws have been pushed back for this election.  I am hopeful that these efforts on the part of Right Wing Republican Governors to help their Republican Party Presidential Standard Bearer will backfire and that more Democrats, Independents and Disillusioned Republicans will flock to the polls and Reelect President Barack Obama.  

If we don't accomplish this Democratic Miracle in the age of Bullshit Storms of Republican Party sponsored and Republican Leaning PAC sponsored Television Ads that are nothing but lies and distortions, we are screwed and not too far away from the days when the Lying Bastards that we put in charge start carting us off to the Work Camps and Concentration Camps.  

If we allow these Heartless Lying Bastards to take full charge of our Government we may as well say "Goodbye" to Democracy and Freedom in America and those of us in the 99 Percent will have no one to blame other than ourselves.

In this age of deception and division it is up to us to get out and VOTE on Tuesday.  If you don't vote Tuesday then don't bitch about what the liars and Lunatics have in store for us.

See you at the Polls on Tuesday.

Sincerely Yours 

Jerry Gallagher

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