Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's Morning in America and our First Black President is Going to Remain President for Four More Years: Lessons From the Long and Winding 2012 Campaign Road (Lesson 1: Enjoy Your victory)

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

My Dear America:

It is the day after the polls closed following one of the strangest and most contentious Presidential Elections in our Nation's history.  

Barack Obama has won the Presidency for the second time and Democrats of all stripes, or at least of most stripes, are ecstatic.

Republicans, on the other hand, are licking their wounds and perhaps wondering if they weren't extreme enough this time around and need to go the extra wacky mile the next time to be successful.  

There is certainly plenty of praise to go around for the 2012 Winner and blame to go around for the Loser but the reality is that we came close to being bought by the rich and powerful Republican Right Wing and those of us who are Democrats had better recognize that our party has changed and not just for this election but for a lot of elections to come.

I spent most of Election Day volunteering as a poll watcher for the Obama Campaign and got a chance to see in the High Rise for the Elderly B'nai Brith House in Allentown, Pennsylvania that Hispanic voters showed up for Obama in droves.  Not only did they show up to vote but many of them braved the cold by standing outside of the polling place because there was no room for them in the jammed large Polling Place for most of the extremely cold day.

These people were dedicated and clearly recognized that their futures were on the line and were in extreme Jeopardy if Mitt Romney was elected.  Pennsylvania and several other northeast states went for Obama and the Midwest and many of the western states went to Romney.

There are many lessons to be learned from the recently ended Presidential Campaign but I will not be writing about them today.

Today is a day for celebration for a job well done by an extraordinary American President.  Today is a day for Barack Obama to be happy with his Presidency, as well as with his Presidential Campaign.  It is also a day for  for Democrats to be happy with themselves, as well as happy for their President.  

I'm sure the Right Wing Money Men are wondering today about the foolishness of spending so much of their money for such an unsatisfying result for them.

I just wish that the money boys give some thought about beginning to pay their fair share of taxes, which might really help this country get our deficit under control, which they have long complained about.

But that is for another day too.  Today let's just enjoy the fact that we will be able to trust our President to tell us the truth during the next four years instead of having a notorious Liar living on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  

We have a lot of problems in this country that the Right Wing Millionaires might do well to focus on helping to try to solve.  

Instead of focusing your generosity on Politicians why don't you Rich Buggers try to unload some of your wealth on the Red Cross or the Salvation Army and help other cash strapped Americans get their lives back after Hurricane Sandy.  You claim to be concerned about your fellow man and many of you claim to be Christians.  How about a little Christian Spirit of Giving to those who have lost everything but their lives.  

That might be a good way to start atoning for your sins in that lively Christian Spirit.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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