Thursday, October 4, 2012

Romney versus Obama - The October 3rd Debate - The Etch a Sketch Works Overtime in Colorado

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

My Dear America:

Last night was the first of Three Presidential Debates scheduled before the November Election.  It was a disturbing spectacle and what happened after the debate was over was even more disturbing.

First of All, Mitt Romney put in a surprisingly good debate performance as long as one does not take into consideration the truth of what he said.  Romney answered almost all questions aggressively and carefully.  Unfortunately his care did not extend to the truth.  He lied constantly throughout the 90 minute debate and as one commentator put it "If his mouth was moving he was lying."  Romney did what he seems to have done his entire political life.  He changed his political horses and messages in mid stream.  

It was no wonder the President was taken back by Romney.  In nearly every question that Mitt Romney was called upon to answer he simply changed his answer to something more acceptable, rather than deal with the consequences of holding onto the extreme ideas that he has been promoting all along throughout the 2012 Presidential Campaign.

The President, as he did in 2008, stuck to the facts, answered questions truthfully and did not let himself get has hyper as Romney.

The commentators on MSNBC after the broadcast seemed to be almost out of control with rage against the President for not attacking every lie Romney told.  Only Steve Schmidt, former McCain Presidential Campaign Manager seemed to be happy about Romney's performance and what seemed to be perceived by the MSNBC Gang as the President's poor performance.

The MSNBC'ers seemed to forget about the fact that Romney was a bold faced liar from start to finish in the debate.  That didn't seem to matter to Ed Schultz or Chris Matthews, both of whom criticized the President unmercifully.
They did have legitimate gripes.  Clearly the President could have been more aggressive but he also couldn't have been much more truthful than he was.  

Time will tell how devastating this perceived Debate "Win" by Romney will be in the long run.  

For those uninformed voters out there who know very little about these two candidates outside of what they learned in this debate they may feel that Romney is the strongest candidate and is deserving of their vote.

On the other hand, however, for those informed voters who can recognize lies and distortions when they hear them it is doubtful that they are going to be swayed by a man who is clearly a great debater but also has very little respect or value for the truth.  

And MSNBC Hosts please keep your anger and criticisms under control the next time around and don't give the Etch A Sketch Candidate a debate Win if his win is based upon nothing but lies and distortions of the truth.

I hope we all give the President a break.  Clearly he deserves one because if Americans decide the debate winners on the basis of who is lying through their teeth and who is telling Americans the truth then clearly Barack Obama was far and away the winner in last night's debate.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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