Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Republican Senator is Elected in Massachusetts-Ted Kennedy's Worst Nightmare has Come True

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

My Dear America:

I am tempted to talk about Ted Kennedy rolling over in his grave but in deference to Senator Kennedy's long and remarkable career and his indelible image in the minds of Americans everywhere I will spare myself and them that sad image.

Something remarkable and possibly Earth Shattering has happened in the state of Massachusetts and it happened yesterday in the state that sent Ted Kennedy to the United States Senate for 42 years. Scott Brown, a handsome young Republican State Senator was elected to the United States Senate beating the Democratic Party's chosen Candidate, Massachusetts Attorney General, Martha Coakley. Martha, at first, seemed like a shoo-in but during the course of the campaign she seemed to look a bit uncomfortable and out of her league campaigning, especially over the past weekend when it seemed like every Democratic Stalwart who could be persuaded, including President Barack Obama, Senator John Kerry and Massachussetts Governor, Deval Patrick, came out to campaign with Martha. And, of course, there was that mistake of mistake on Martha's part which was not knowing Boston Sports History. An unforgivable sin in Boston.

Mr. Brown, on the other hand had some very important things going for him. His good looks had, many years ago, landed his naked body in a Cosmopolitan Magazine centerfold. Not only that, his daughter had been a contender on American Idol. Good God, you can't beat a background like that.

Do I sound cynical and disappointed. Yes I do. I am angry that the replacement for one of the nation's best and longest lasting Senators is going to be a Republican who campaigned on a platform of typical Republican obstructionism.

No, to Health Care

No to pretty much the full Obama agenda

And Yes to bipartisanship, although the bipartisanship seems to be only related to Republican sponsored issues and Republican Right Wing Thinking.

It is discouraging, to say the least, to be a liberal Democrat today. The Democrats seem to be stalled in every way except for continuing Wars of Questionable Choice. Those the Republicans can get behind.

Instead of lamenting our bad fortune, however, I think that it is time for the Democrats to gather their forces together and make one more stab at bipartisanship before doing what George Bush and his Republican Cronies did and say the hell with bipartisanship. We have an Agenda and we are going to push ahead full speed with our Agenda. We need Health Care Reform and not the watered down version it has become without even one public option proposed.

Enough with the obstructionists. It is time for the average American to recognize that they have the power to let their legislators know that they are unhappy with Republicans saying no to anything progressive. They need to get on the internet, get on their phones, write letters and let Congress know what they really want and what they really feel. It is time for Americans to vote not only with their eyes but with their ears, their hearts and their consciences.

Who knows. Maybe Scott Brown will surprise us and really become a bipartisan Senator.

It could happen, after all, although I personally doubt that it will.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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