Sunday, January 24, 2010

Liberal Democrats have a Very Very Very Very Very Bad Week

Sunday, January 24th

My Dear America:

It has been the kind of week that Liberal Democrats could do without. The First Year Anniversary of Barack Obama's Innauguration certainly could have gone better, to say the least.

God knows, It couldn't have gone much worse, or so we hope.

The week began with the continuing problem of a Haiti in ruins after the most powerful earthquake on record with only more bad news likely to come from down there in the near future.

There was a bright spot in the Haiti picture, however, since it seemed as though the world reacted quickly and help was quickly dispatched not only by America but from countries all over the world recognizing Haiti's plight.

Early this week another earthquake took place in Massachussetts. An almost unknown State Senator just a few months ago, Scott Brown, beat the Endorsed Democratic Party Candidate for Ted Kennedy's vacant Senate Seat.

What the hell, Was hell freezing over?

Things couldn't get much worse, we all thought, but we were wrong. The Republican packed Supreme Court struck down controls on how much money big business could contribute to candidates in elections. The spigot was back open for big oil, big banks and big pharma to reach out their hands loaded with money more than they ever had the right to before.

Add to this the fact that John Edwards , after denying paternity to former campaign staffer, Rielle Hunter's child for nearly two years, picked this week to fess up to his paternal responsibilities. Thanks a lot, John, liberals really needed this week to be reminded of how foolish we were to follow you in your quest to become President. Thank God, you didn't make it.

And yes there was one more thing that made this week significantly horrible for Liberal Democrats. That was the death of Air America Radio. I discovered Air America Radio around the time of the Kerry Presidential Run in 2004. Since there was no Air America Radio Broadcast in my area of Pennsylvania I had to listen to it Online. One of my favorite Air America Personalities was Rachel Maddow. She was on an early morning show with Chuck D. and Liz (I can't think of her last name- She was a comedienne). What impressed me most about Rachel was just how informed she always seemed to be on every subject. The other thing that impressed me was that she was openly gay. She wasn't beating the drum for it constantly, She just didn't hide the fact that she was gay. Air America was a breath of fresh air for me when I listened to it, just as Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are a breath of Fresh air on MSNBC broadcast television. I will miss Air America. I foolishly thought it would go on forever. I was mistaken.

Well, lets hope, America, that this coming week goes better than the last.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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