Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to Demoland from Barack O and Regular Joe

August 25th, 2008

My Dear America:

Well, Democrats the day has finally come.

It has been a long haul from those early 2008 January days of Iowa and New Hampshire when the possibility of Barack Obama's name being considered for the Democratic Party's Nomination for President seemed like a pipe dream that only Barack and a select few were having.

This week that long shot pipe dream will become a reality in Denver, Colorado at the Democratic Party Convention where Barack will become the Democratic Party's annointed One and Delaware Senator, Joe Biden, will become the Democratic Party's choice for Barack's Vice Presidential running mate.

From where I sit, at home, in my easy chair watching this spectacle unfold on Television I am somewhat envious of my fellow Democrats sitting on the Convention floor in Denver. They are watching something that is truly historical. A black man is not only running for President of the United States but has a very good chance of being successful at winning the presidency. Who in the world would have thought this would ever have happened in America. But it has happened. He is running and if he is able to bring this Democratic Convention together, which I am sure he can and will do, he is well on his way to his Innauguration in January of 2009.

Can it happen. Yes it Can

Will it Happen. I believe it will.

I, like many other Hillary Clinton supporters was disappointed that she will not be the Candidate for either President or Vice President.

But Hillary when she lost her opportunity she lost it with class and very soon after her concession did her best to throw her support to Barack. It was in my estimation, Hillary's finest hour, until now.

Now, Tomorrow, in Denver, Hillary will take the stage and soak up the adulation that, until now was reserved for her husband. Bill will also get his share of Respect this week but Tomorrow night, Tuesday night, will certainly be Hillary's night. It will be a night she certainly deserves. It will be a sad night for those of us who are having trouble understanding why it didn't happen for her but did for Obama.

But after tomorrow, Democrats, will come Wednesday, with Bill Clinton and Joe Biden on tap, among others. And Thurday Night in Mile High Stadium it will be Barack Obama's night. And what a night that will be. Barack blew the lid off the arena in Boston when he spoke four years ago.

Is that all it was. Four Years ago.

In Boston Barack showed what he had and I don't think that there was a Democrat that heard him giving that speech that didn't realize that this was a Democratic Politician who was going places.

What we didn't realize back then, when Barack was not even a national politician yet, was just how fast this guy was going places.

This week the place he is going is to Denver.

Its probably a good thing that he is giving his speech in a stadium so that there is no roof to blow off when this Extraordinary Public Speaker gives the most extraordinary speech of his life. This is a Convention that will long be remembered and in my opinion Barack Obama will not only set this Convention on fire he is going to leave this convention spreading his message of Hope like a wildfire across America.

America is hungry for change and if Democrats can survive the Republican smear machine which is in high gear right now and stay together there is no stopping this Dynamic Democratic Ticket.

Stay Together Democrats.

This election is ours if we can stay together

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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