Monday, August 25, 2008

Its Monday Night Live in Denver at the Michelle and Teddy Show

August 25th, 2008
12:20 AM

My Dear America:

The First Night of The Democratic Convention in Denver was truly a memorable night for two Reasons. Those two reasons were Teddy Kennedy (and Family) and Michelle Obama (and family).

There were quite a few interesting speeches such as that by Jerry Kellerman, who hired Barack Obama to be an Organizer in the South Side of Chicago when Obama was just graduating from Columbia University. Clearly Barack's old boss liked him, respected him and still considered Barack a friend. There was also Jim Leach, a former Iowa Congressman who prior to running for office, left the Nixon Administration when Nixon fired Archibald Cox and others in the Saturday Night Massacre, which led to the final downfall and humiliation of Richard Nixon. Leach, I am sure did not make any friends in the Republican party tonight as he endorsed the candidacy of Barack Obama. Claire MCaskell and her children were impressive also, as were Caroline Kennedy introducing her "Uncle Teddy" Kennedy and Michelle Obama's brother introducing her.

The night belonged, however, to "Uncle Teddy" Kennedy, who, against his doctor's advice, came to Denver anyway tonight to show the Democratic Party where he stood and who he stood behind. Although Teddy Kennedy has done his share of shameful things in his life it was hard to watch Ted Kennedy tonight as a Democrat without feeling an extreme amount of Pride. Clearly Ted Kennedy even in his deteriorating health can still give a Firebrand Speech and although his speech wasn't as fiery as some he has given at previous Democratic Conventions it was still a barn burner and it lit up this convention floor. As he promised to be there in January to watch Barack take the oath of office his energy and his vigor made it seem like he might truly be on his way to full recovery and may yet return to the Senate in good health.

Speaking of Good Health, Michelle Obama seemed to be the picture of beauty, good health and good looks as she closed down the First day of the Convention with a speech that showed that she may be a new kind of First Lady, feisty, sexy and opinionated possibly beyond even Hillary Clinton. In Michelle's speech she once again mentioned the cracks in the glass ceiling that Hillary had made for the daughters and sons of the future. Following Michelle's speech Barack's image showed up on the Giant Onstage Screen and his youngest daughter in what was an adorably unscripted moment asked Barack on the giant screen "Daddy, what city are you in". Barack calmly explained that he was in Kansas City, where he had watched Michelle's speech and expressed his admiration for her eloquence and her being "Cute".

It was, overall, a Great night for the Democrats and a good start for the Convention.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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