Sunday, February 7, 2016

Goodbye Iowa - Hello New Hampshire - Democratic Version

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

My Dear America:

It's Saturday Night Live and after a few days of trashing one another on the Campaign Trail the Republican candidates this evening are really brutally trashing one another on another Presidential debate being broadcast on The ABC Television Network.

Earlier this week it was the Democratic candidates who were debating on television. After Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders left Iowa following a Virtual Tie result in the Iowa caucuses. the third Democratic candidate for President in the Iowa contest, Martin O'Malley, dropped out of the race for President after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses.  O'Malley was an accomplished Democrat and should have done better in the Iowa contest but after registering a mere 3 percent of Iowa Caucus voters O'Malley did the right thing and left the race to Bernie and Hillary to fight it out. 

And fight it out they did and are continuing to do.  Although Bernie's lead continues to be substantial according to New Hampshire Polls those polls seem to be also showing a slow but steady improvement in Hillary's New Hampshire voter support.  It is hard to see the prospect of Bernie's more than 10 percent poll edge disappearing but stranger things have happened in New Hampshire Presidential Primary Elections before.

Although Hillary and Bernie have not sunk to anywhere near the level of savagery that the Republicans have shown toward each other in tonight's debate, the Democrats have certainly, in the waning days of the New Hampshire Primary Campaign, taken off the kid gloves in Town Halling and Debating one another. This is nothing new in New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary Contests but it is certainly a new level of verbal violence in this particular race between these two particular candidates.   

Both Bernie and Hillary are criss crossing New Hampshire at breakneck paces and Bill Clinton and Jane Sanders are also showing up in the state to do what they can do to help their spouses.  Hillary is scheduled to go to Flint Michigan on Sunday to try to do what she can to increase the attention given to the water crisis there.  

The Sanders campaign has announced that Bernie will be in New York City this evening to appear on Saturday Night Live with Larry David, who has played Bernie Sanders in several skits during the past SNL Season.  Sanders has made it clear that he is not miffed about the Larry David impressions of him but is in fact a fan of Larry David.  

Its down to the wire in this incredible contest and despite the fact that Bernie continues to top the polls no one is counting their chickens in this state until they are hatched on Tuesday.

Stay Tuned;

Live from New Hampshire It'll be Tuesday Night Live and it should be very interesting.  

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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