Tuesday, October 1, 2013

THE STUPID PARTY STRIKES AGAIN: On the First Day of Obamacare Signups the Republicans in the House and Senate Shut Down the U.S. Government but Obamacare Continues

October 1st, 2013

My Dear America:

My apologies to you, America, for the Republican Fools who dominate the United States House of Representatives and who have painted all of us into a corner where none of us seem to know what to do next and, consequently, nothing is seemingly being done to alleviate the dire Government Shutdown that is now in effect.

Although the Shutdown certainly affects a great portion of Government workers who will certainly take the brunt of this madness, apparently Social Security recipients and the Armed Services will not be affected, at least for now.  

It is certainly a rather odd situation to look at the world today and realize that Russia, Syria and Iran are finally starting to show some reasonable and responsible thinking (relatively speaking) and that the Right Wingers in the House and Senate are Stupid and Reckless enough to do what they are presently doing and seem to be happy that they have shut down the Government and seem not only uninterested in solving this crisis but merely pushing on to their next manufactured crisis involving the debt ceiling.

How anyone who is actually an American Citizen could see any good coming from shutting down the government is beyond me.  How anyone who is actually a Legislator would be happy with this state of affairs is beyond reason.  Yet here we are.  The Government is partially shut down and Obamacare, which is what Ted Cruz stated that he was fighting against, is up and running and, according to President Obama, will continue to operate and provide an opportunity for those who have not been able to afford health care or who were shut out of reasonable health care for whatever reason will now be able to provide it to themselves and their families at a reasonable cost.

What the hell is wrong with that?

The truth is, as Rachel Maddow pointed out on her special Live MSNBC show last night after midnight, that many Republicans are now fulfilling their promises to their more well heeled supporters.  That promise to those supporters was to "shut down the government" and I think we can all agree that these Right Wingers have done their damndest to if not destroy, at least degrade our government.  

The hell with the fact that we need to show unity, respect and support to our Nation's leader, the President, at this most dangerous period of World History.  Instead second rate righties continue to investigate Benghazi while making sure by their actions that there may be more Benghazi type incidents due to the Government shutdown.  

Talk about the "Stupid Party."

What in the hell do these people want?  That is what I want to know.  Do they really want no government, at all.  As a former government employee I am well aware of the fact that government at its best, has it faults.  Yet the thought of Americans existing in a country with no government at all is absurd.  

Maybe we have gone overboard in some respects.  While World War II was a gruesome necessity to keep the rest of our civilized world from Nazi Rule we have certainly overstepped our bounds when it came to Wars in Vietnam and Iraq.  

Yet where would most of us be without Government stepping in at times and making certain that Americans are at minimum allowed opportunities to lift ourselves up and have good lives.  

I believe that we have long ago come to a Crossroads in which many Americans decided that Paul Ryan and his Goddess of Selfishness, Ayn Rand were right in writing off the poor, the sick and the downtrodden in America.

The Gospel of Jesus teaches that the Nazarene was concerned with the poor, the sick and the people in need.  Yet people who call themselves Christians see themselves and their selfishness as representatives of Christ.  Nothing could be further than the truth.  Christ told us to take care of each other, not simply to take care of ourselves.  Where would we be without Civil Rights, without Social Security, without Health Care.  We are not animals who prey on other humans.  We are Social Beings who need help from one another once in awhile.  

Who is going to pay the Park Ranger's mortgage in the coming weeks.  Who will buy food for the Government workers not being paid.  Although these other government workers are left to fend for themselves Congress has arranged for their own paychecks to continue during this time when other government workers suffer.


They can't have that kind of nerve, Can they?  They sure can and they do.  

The time has come for the American people, not the phonies, but the real Americans who actually care about one another to rise up and teach the Republicans a lesson that they will not soon forget.  It is time for everyone who is eligible to vote to find out how to get involved in their Local, Statewide and National Democratic Committees and make the effort to get involved.  If you're sick of getting shafted by Republicans than get involved and "Clean The House."  

Oh wait, if you are a government employee then you are barred by the government from being involved in partisan politics.  No it doesn't make much sense but it is the law.  So until the law changes those of us who are not government employees need to get out and work for change, namely to help the Democrats take back the House of Representatives, keep the Senate and keep the Presidency in Democratic hands.

Like the Television Newsman in the movie "Network", we need to stand up and let these political Nitwits know that "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore" and mean it. 

God Bless the Democrats and lets hope they can keep the Congress out of the hands of the Lunatics who seem to be in charge in the House and are hoping to take back the Senate.


Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher  

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