Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Barack Obama's Not So Secret Weapon Strikes Again

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

My Dear America:

Well, the Democratic National Convention took off like a rocket last night.  There were some incredibly dynamic and interesting speakers.

Stacy Lihn, a housewife and mother of a young girl with major health problems put a human and caring face on the debate over what more and more Democrats are calling "Obamacare," while the President identifies his rival's health care stance as "Romney doesn't care."  Bravo, Mr. President.

In addition to Stacy there were other barn burner speeches, the best of which were, in my opinion, Former Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland, San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro and present Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick.

Strickland pointed out the flaws in Mott Romney and Paul Ryan in a very detailed and aggressive manner.  Deval Patrick did the same, concentrating on the record that he knew  very well of the Romney Massachusetts Governorship.  According to Deval Patrick's Massachusetts history lesson it was no wonder Romney had very little to say about his record as Massachusetts Governor.

Clearly the star of the evening, however, was Michelle Obama.  She came out looking strikingly beautiful in a stunning red dress.  She, Like Ann Romney the week before, told the audience why she loved her husband and what a good father he was but unlike Ann Romney, Michelle was able to tell the story of what a good President Barack Obama had been over the past four years and how unchanged as a person he was even though he continued to be saddled with what has to be the hardest job in the world.

Michelle did not spend a lot of time castigating Republicans.  She simply told her story of what a caring, loving person Barack Obama has always been and continues to be.  It was a carefully crafted and intensely interesting story that she has told and her warmth and love for her family are just as inspiring as Barack's story.

Michelle left the Convention podium with the audience fired up and raring to go.  That's what she needed to do.  That's what she did four years ago and that's what she did on Tuesday night.


Barack Obama is a lucky man to have a partner like Michelle Obama.  

Once again this secret weapon blew the lid off the hall in Charlotte and
started a fire which I think may be very hard for the Republicans to put out in time to save the extremely flawed candidacies of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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