Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Chickens Come Home To Roost in South Carolina or The Scum Also Rises

January 21st, 2012

My Dear America:

It has been one hell of a week for the Republican Presidential Candidates still  seeking a Victory in today's South Carolina Primary.  The only Candidates left in the battle for Republican supremacy in this key southern state are Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum (What, this Loser is still in there).  Yes he is and this week was a good one for Santorum.  Iowa, after recounting the votes in their Caucus Primary Election, certified not Mitt Romney, but Rick Santorum as the final winner in their state wide Caucus election.

Two of the Candidates that weren't catching fire in South Carolina, or anywhere else, for that matter, Rick Perry and John Huntsman, jumped off the expensive primary path just prior to the South Carolina Primary.  Huntsman threw his meager support to Romney while Perry threw in with Newt Gingrich maybe with visions of the Vice Presidency in his head. 

On Monday of this week the media was not only crowning Romney as the leader and eventual Winner in South Carolina but also the winner of the  eventual Republican Presidential Nomination.  A funny thing, in fact a couple of funny things, happened on the way to the Romney Victory Celebration.  Two things that happened were two Republican Debates in which Romney tried to be a Gentleman Debater, while Newt Gingrich took the gloves off and proudly beat the bejesus out of not only Mitt Romney but also John King, CNN Debate moderator on Thursday, who had the audacity to bring up a question about an interview that was scheduled to run on Thursday Evening's Nightline Program on ABC in which Newt's second wife, Marianne Gingrich, revealed what an immoral scumbag Newt was. Newt was "appalled" at the question by Mr. King about Newt's damaged moral compass and the South Carolina crowd seemed to love it when Newt tore into the CNN Debate Moderator.

What's more is that following the airing of Newt Gingrich's extremely dirty laundry on ABC the reaction of the public on was almost overwhelrmingly pro Newt and anti Marianne Gingrich, anti ABC and anti media.  

Suddenly the Family Values voters seemed to rise up in anger saying things like "What about Clinton," apparently forgetting the fact that Bill Clinton did not leave his wife for his girlfriends.  The Family Values voters also did not seem to be disturbed by the fact that while Gingrich, as Speaker of the House was leading the impeachment charge against Bill Clinton because of Clinton's cheating on his wife, Newt was doing the same thing with his mistress, and now wife Callista. The Family Values Voters also seemed to forget about the pattern that Newt Gingrich had established of not only cheating on his wives but cheating on them for years before dumping them for new wives (Ex mistresses)when the old wives got sick (Cancer or MS), or "too old" or not pretty enough.  Old Pretty Boy Newt was such a handsome devil that he shouldn't have to be saddled with a wife who wasn't up to his beauty standards.  

No, In South Carolina the Evangelical Christian Voters seemed to only care about Morality and Family Values when those values were violated by Democrats.  With Newt Gingrich, one of the most reprehensible Serial Adulterers and Certified Liars of all times, suddenly Family Values was something that wasn't all that important, after all.

If, indeed, Newt Gingrich wins in South Carolina and, worse yet, win's the Nomination I think that he will lose to President Obama in the final tally for the Presidency.

But, as a friend reminded me just today, there are a lot of people in the United States who hate President Obama with a vengeance and might be willing to vote for a Candidate as morally corrupt, as well as physically ugly as Newt Gingrich.

I hope and pray that corruption and hatefulness in our country has not gone so far as to make Newt Gingrich look like Presidential Material.

God forbid that we would ever live in a nation governed by a corrupt contemptable misanthrope like Newt Gingrich.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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