Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, America - You look Good for a Country that is 234 Years Old

July 4th, 2010

My Dear America:

Happy Birthday, America.  I'll bet you are as surprised as anyone that you have made it this far, 234 Years old.  I think that's how old you are, but who's counting. 

I just saw an interesting series called "The Revolution" on the History Channel yesterday.  Although there wasn't a whole lot of new information there were some interesting facts that I hadn't known about your birth. 

For instance, France invested so much money, millions in their time and what would have been billions in our time, as well as provided troops and naval support.  The end result of France helping U.S in our struggle was that their own financially strapped average citizens revolted themselves against their own Government once they saw what we had accomplished.  Their bloodbath of a Revolution put into practice, however, a democracy which, like ours, still survives. 

What is also interesting when you think about your birth is just how close we came to losing the Revolutionary War.  And if we lost what would have happened to us.  We would probably still be under the thumb of British Rule.  Who knows.  All of our Revolutionary heroes would probably have been hanged or shot and would never even have been mentioned in American History.

But you did make it, America, and you're still making it.  You are struggling, yes, and you will undoutedly continue to struggle but even with the awful partisanship of Washington I know that we will get through our struggles just like we have done countless times before and we will hopefully survive many more centuries to come. 

Yes, we will have problems but sooner or later our Democracy will produce solutions to those problems.  I know it.  We make a lot of noise in our Democracy but noise is better than silence that is forced and ominous.  We have our share of gutless politicians at the present time who are either too timid to do what is right or too dumb to realize that they are destryong America by trying to destroy it's President.

Certainly our President has made and I'm sure will make some serious mistakes as all Presidents before him have but at least he is trying to do some things that need doing.

Republicans standing in the way of Health Care Reform, Economic Reform and Immigration Reform are, I am convinced, going to learn  a serious political lesson in November of this year when voters who are fed up with Obstructionists in Congress vote them out.  Republicans who continue to try to strangle the Government from doing anything are going to wake up on Election Day and find out that the electorate was not as stupid as they had counted on.  I am sure of it.

As we celebrate your birthday today we look forward to that Day of Reckoning in November when the American People get out, go to their polls and "Vote the Rascals Out" one more time in America.

Once More, America, Happy Birthday To You.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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