Tuesday, September 2, 2008

John McCain, Where Are You

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008
10:30 AM

My Dear America:

Even Democrats may be starting to feel sorry for John McCain these Days. On what was to be the second day of the Republican Convention it seems as though John McCain has disappeared. He was spotted at the end of last week introducing his Vice Presidential pick, Sarah Palin to the world. He really did something on Friday that I would not have thought was impossible. On the day after Barack Obama's incredibly successful Acceptance Speech at the Democratic Convention John McCain's stunning Vice Presidential announcement stole Barack's momentum and lit up the airwaves and McCain's Conservative support, which had at best been lukewarm up until then. But it didn't take long for the bloom to come off McCain's unlikely pick.

To be sure Sarah Palin is an Exciting American Story. She was a good student, standout basketball player and coach and a Hockey Mom who married her High School Sweetheart. She started with the PTA and graduated to City Council, Mayor of a small town and ended up a popular governor of Alaska. Although she seems to be very popular with Alaskans one Alaskan State legislator indicated that he could not figure out why John McCain picked her and questioned whether McCain had a recent head injury.

Television Talking Heads who claim to know something about the process say that John McCain was steadfast in wanting to pick former Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate, Joe Lieberman but was finally convinced by a McCain Confidante that anti Lieberman sentiment was so high in the Republican Party that it could quite possibly blow up the Republican Convention. At the last minute McCain backed down and out came Palin on Friday. And along with Palin is word that she fired Alaska's Commisioner of Public Safety because he would not buckle and fire her ex Brother in Law, who is a State Trooper and is involved in a custody battle with Palin's sister. As if that wasn't enough bad news for McCain, word also leaked out that Sarah Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant.

One has to admire Barack Obama for letting the world know very quickly that the families of candidates should be off limits and that he would have nothing to say about Sarah's daughter's situation. Obama was kind enough to remind reporters that his mother was a teenager when she had him.

In addition it seems odd, to say the least, to note that after James Dobson's prayers for rain to ruin Barack's Acceptance Speech night, that the rather sick joke was on Dobson. Barack could not have asked for better weather for his big night in Denver. On the other hand Hurricane Gustav virtually shut down the Republican Convention in St. Paul Monday. The first night of the Convention was on the same day Gustav hit landfall in New Orleans and elsewhere in the Gulf Coast. Yesterday, Monday night, Bush and Cheney were scheduled to speak but of course they didn't. In the end that might have been more of a plus than a minus for John McCain.

Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, who was also scheduled to speak this week at the Republican Convention said he wouldn't make it either. He is running the show in Louisiana and has had the good sense to continue to put his concentration where it needed to be. Jindal was on McCain's short list of VP Contenders. He is doing a magnificent job this time out in making sure that there is no repeat of Katrina. He is doing so well that I am sure there are many Republican hand wringers who are saying:

"Bobby, Why didn't he go with Bobby J."?

McCain may very well be one of those hand wringers.

So to Dr. Dobson who prayed for rain to drown the Democrats I can only Say "Hey Brother Dobson, God has answered your prayers. You wanted rain. You got rain. God just got to it a little later than you wanted him to. And it did, in fact, ruin a Convention. Just not the one you wanted ruined, Dr. Dobson."

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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