Friday, January 4, 2008

The Day After the Iowa Caucus

Friday, January 4th, 2008

My Dear America:

Well, the big day has come and gone. We heard about it every day for the past six months, almost a year. Its Coming. The Iowa Caucus. In the past it has brought us such winners as Pat Buchanan and George Bush. But then again it has also brought us the seeming meltdown of Howard Dean and the meteoric rise of John Kerry in 2004. Iowa is a land of Grassroots and Political Upsets and this year is no different. Well, let me rephrase that. This year is far different. Although the surprises were not totally unexpected, the margins by which the winners won were pretty phenomenal.

In Fact, Phenomenal is a word that can and should be used to discuss the first real Presidential contest this election year. AND THE WINNERS ARE: On the Democratic side of the ticket, Barack Obama. What the Hell. Somebody named Obama getting elected to any political post is a story. Somebody named Obama wiping out every other viable candidate on the Democratic Slate, including Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, is more than a story it is THE STORY. Its a hell of a story too. Anyone who thought that the day would never come when we would see a black man elected to the White House better knock down your still and head for the hills because the Phenomenon is no longer Coming. The day has arrived to recognize once and for all what Oprah has already recognized and Iowans now recognize also. Barack Obama is no flash in the pan. He is the Real Deal and he is not only in this race to stay he is now the FRONT RUNNER, The man to beat in the Election Year of 2008.

Why is Barack Obama sitting at the head of the pack of Democratic Presidential Hopefuls. I think Barack showed us last night when he gave his victory speech. Every single talking head on CNN pointed to Barack's speech as being not just one of the best political victory speeches they had ever heard but also one of the best speeches they have ever heard. This guy not only has Leadership Potential. He clearly showed us all last night, America, just how much Leadership Ability he has. Clearly he has a long way to go to sew up the nomination but he has certainly come a long way so far. It has been a long time since we have seen his kind of exciting charisma on the Presidential Campaign trail. Kennedy had it, Carter and Bill Clinton had it too but Barack Obama, when he is on the speakers podium on a winning night. Watch Out. Greatness is not only coming. It is already here. Now its on to to New Hampshire and if he wins there all bets are off and it may be time for even Hillary and John to hang it up.

As Chris Dodd and Joe Biden say goodbye to the Presidential Campaign Trail, America, I think we should all thank these two decent Senators for classing up the debates. But they know as does Hillary Clinton and John Edwards that as they say in the bingo halls of Des Moines "We have a winner" and his name is Barack Obama. I think we had all better get used to saying that name with a degree of respect.

PRESIDENT OBAMA - It Has a Nice Ring To It .

It may sound strange and it may feel strange, America. But we had all better get used to saying it. PRESIDENT OBAMA. It certainly sounds a hell of a lot better than President Bush.

Sincerely Yours

Jerry Gallagher

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Colleen said...

Well spoken Dad! Am I detecting a change in your political preference? I have been behind Obama all along. I noticed his charisma and had hoped he would throw his hat into the next presidential election when I first heard him speak at the democratic national convention in 2004. Yes Carter and Clinton had charisma but not anywhere near the charisma of the Kennedys and that is the type of charisma that makes Obama unique and his message is clear it is possible to get to the front of the pack without selling out to the special interest groups and lobbyists. I can only hope that this is the beginning of the most memorable election of all time. The USA needs a change now more than ever and Obama is the man to lead this movement!